Premium Cannabis Wholesale Supply


Our focus is to build and develop brands for long-term success, while setting a high standard in the Canadian cannabis industry. We align ourselves with brands that have carved their own position in the marketplace through culture, quality and individuality. Like cannabis, Habitat is about connecting people together, with like-minded ideals, goals and products.


Grown on Vancouver Island, Renfrew Organics uses nothing but the finest no-till organic cultivars. The no-till farming method increases the plant's water absorption and creates a healthy organic growing material. It is water-fed only, with no pesticides or hormones used. Your organic cannabis comes ready-to-smoke in a tin with strain-specific Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls.


Social offers formulated cannabis distillate of multiple strains in 0.5ml and 1ml cartridges. The oil has no VG, no PG, nor cutting agents providing the best cannabis vape experience possible. Social vape pens use CCELL TH2 cartridges and M3 batteries. The TH2 uses a ceramic heating element and glass housing, so you get the most flavour out of your favourite oil. The cartridges use a ceramic mouthpiece which ensures a cooler and cleaner hit. Social uses CCELL’s M3 battery, with a 510 thread and a 350mAh capacity. The batteries are rechargeable with a supplied USB adapter. The cartridges are recommended to be used with the supplied batteries, if a customer has their own battery with a 510 thread, we recommend to start at the lowest battery amp and work up to find the ideal temperature.


Scout is a Canadian cannabis company based in British Columbia. Scout is about having a good time with friends while supplying top quality cannabis, pre-rolled into a vintage-inspired package. Scout offers the opportunity to experiment with different strain types in order to find the one best suited for you. The strain selection changes continually, giving you a greater opportunity to try a new indica, sativa, or hybrid. Locally grown cannabis, and always, with quality in mind - Scout’s Honour!


32 high-grade cannabis pre-rolls, stylishly packaged, in an airtight jar.

32 Pre-Rolls